Video tutorial about mounting flowers on stems and various surfaces + constructions of backdrops and arches.

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Video tutorial about mounting flowers on stems and various surfaces + constructions of backdrops and arches.

This universal master class is rightfully considered a diamond in the collection of our videos! It is collected ALL the experience of the studio in creating giant orders, photos of which can be seen in the portfolio here  and all the secrets are revealed in the smallest detail)

I will tell and show on examples of works of our studio how to fix flowers:

- to the wall and ceiling, features of fastening, detailed analysis and the smallest details
- how to create hanging designs with flowers
- how and what to fix the flowers without damaging the surface, the features of the weight load

- types of functional frames for backdrops, all types of structures (walls, arches, demountable and mobile design), materials and methods of manufacturing, pluses and minuses of various design
- how to make a backdrop so that it can be transported
- fastening of flowers to various designs of a backdrops, as well as what, features, schemes and phased photos
- more about press-walls (banner photo areas), analysis of mistakes, pluses and minuses
- preparation of fastenings on a flower at a stage of its assembly
- the secrets of creating mega lush arches and two-sided backdrops

- creation of growth flowers. how to make stems
- how to make a flower universal for fastening to the stem or frame of the backdrop, so that it can be used many times in all kinds of scenery
- materials, masters mistakes in the choice of material
- how to choose stems depending on the size and weight of the flower
- resistant flower stands, their types and features, weight and dimensions
- how to fix the leaves to the stem and how to give them shape
- how and what to decorate the stem
- secrets of assembling and creating a giant growth two-meter rose

On the video, I show everything on the example of the scenery of our studio, I tell in detail and show all the tools and devices for attaching colors. I reveal completely all-all-all secrets in detail!)
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