Master class "Ranunculus from isolon"

2 900 p.
Master class "Ranunculus from isolon" 


The master class lasts 1 hour 30 minutes

What is an isolon? Where to look? Which one to choose?

1. What tools to work with isolon
2. How to shape. A few techniques
3. How to use a hot glue gun. Recommendations, characteristics, where to look and buy.
4. Two mounting options with a stem pipe and a flat base for walls
5. The expense of a material. How many meters.
6. Detailed step-by-step assembly diagram
7. What paints to use. Comparison of paints. List of material suppliers
8. How to dilute the paint.
9. All about the spray gun. Comparison with airbrush
10. How to work with a spray gun. Where to buy. Direct source

In the attachment to the video are attached:
1. File with ready-made cut-out patterns
2. Information on the cost of isolon
3. Information on paints and material suppliers

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