Video record of live 3-day workshop "Giant flowers and backdrops/arches"

9 900 p.

Video course "Giant flowers from various modern materials + backdrops/arches" 

For those who want to learn the art of creating great realistic flowers!
And also for those who already wanted to take like individual master class!)

The video course is a record of a three-day training - this is the author's training of Anna Tsvetkova, which contains answers to all questions about large flowers and decor with them.

After watching this course, you will be able to make a lush peony of crepe paper, a rose from EVA, poppy, anemone, and, of course, learn all about the designs of backdrops and arches and how to attach any flowers to them!

You will learn how to work with various modern materials, learn the basic techniques and chips how to shape the petals. Knowing the basic techniques, you can assemble a flower of any shape and diameter.

Just learn how to properly dye and tonify flowers, make them realistic.
All about tools for painting and about the paint itself - supplier contacts and links to tools.

The goal of the course is to learn how to work with different materials.
You will learn how to beautifully take photo of your work, because right photography is 90% of success!
The course touches on the topic - how to start promoting yourself and how to start earning money on the flower business. Which contractors should be contacted about the design. How to calculate a price for your flowers.
In detail we will calculate the cost price of a flower arch and a peony!

All about paper. Which to use, how to choose, where to buy, how much it costs. Full information about the paper used + supplier contacts.

Our legendary fluffy peony! The phased technique of assembling a large peony is 50-60 cm in diameter. All the secrets of how and how to make the bud , fluffy and as realistic as possible!
+ Closed bud - how to do a phased assembly technique

Various modern materials for large flowers.
We learn isolon, penolon, EVA. All the characteristics and properties of these materials, how to work with them, how to shape the petals - the 4 basic techniques with which you can make any flower!
How to choose, where to buy, how much it costs, supplier contacts and all the details about the materials.
All about painting of isolon, penolon and eva, all about tools and paints with contacts of suppliers!

Analysis of flowers: anemone, poppies, ranunculus. Detailed assembly diagrams with patterns that you only need to print, not draw by hand!

Rose from EVA in diameter of 40-50. You will see the phased technique of assembling.

All about backdrops / photo zones. Types of structures, all technical solutions and chips in the installation! Details about attaching flowers to different surfaces! All about the flowers on stems/ bouquets - stems, bases, leaves!

Pricing. How to calculate the cost price! We consider the cost price of a rose, a peony, assembled photo zone and flower composition. How to set prices.
Work with the client. Stages
Sketches, visualizations, compositional solutions when creating a photo zones.
In the video course I answer to all questions and even more!

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